BLOODY GORE     "Stench of Your Perversion"

demo 1999 /selfreleased/
bloody gore.jpg

Bloody Gore's "Stench of your perversion" demo is definitely a release that should persuade the people who aren't serious & don't care about the Indonesian brutal death metal grinding scene yet that they have to. Just listen to "Stench of your perversion" and you will find out it belongs to one of the most brutal releases to be ever done in the style of brutal death grinding metal. Extreme! Imagine Devourment without the heavy moshing grooves and replace them by gore soaked non-blasting but fast & crushing brutality in the vein of old Suffocation. The blasts are extreme, changing a lot emanating at the speed of light. So the riffings, kill and reign rigorously and as for the voice it seems that every small child in Indonesia could growl since birth because I have not heard any Indonesian band with weak vocals so far. The atmosphere of the release is sort of a mix between Butchered at birth (CC) and Trading Pieces (DOF), HIGHLY DISGUSTING. I am blown away with this killer demo it's simply admirable, both in music and in production. Many bands could envy Bloody Gore the brutality and the professionalism they have reached on this release because they could only dream of it! And I guarantee that all the real adorers of excellently executed original brutality will become a huge fans of this band because they rule! Go and get it somewhere, the band has no piece left but some distros should. And it should be available on CD format soon. Also a new MCD is about to be unleashed in MAY 2001 (thanx to Burt of Uxicon rec. for picking up this utmost piece of fierce brutality). DO NOT MISS THIS MASTER-BRUTALITY OUT! And if this is just the beginning and be sure it is, beware of the things to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BLOODY GORE, c/o Mithos, Komp. Pertamina Jl Nyiur Melambai l Blok A No. 3, Jakarta Utara 14260, Indonesia