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TERRA AEGRA 'zine & TERRAROT distribution
Greetings! The pages are still UNDER CONSTRUCTION. I hope to start spreading the name of this site officially till the end of March.
The main reason I have accessed the site for at the moment, aims at bands, zines, labels. Check the basis of the site out and let's trade links & banners!!!

Please, surf through all the sections here to know what it's gonna be all about and contribute with your part so we could create a massive death metal domain here!!!

These pages are destined to be DEATH METAL only!
I got also some other metal records, which you will find under a special link/picture in the review section but that's all I can and want to do about it.

For the future I am going to make another site, possibly of a more personal direction. It is to deal with all the non-death metal progreessive (?!?) music (metal or not) stuff I love to listen to, plus, of course, the best death metal releases -according to my opinion - shall be cotained there as well. I am myself curious how this idea will turn out. Let's see, I will post it here then!

The reason why those pages have been built up concerns the periodicity (I even can't call it like this)of Terra Aegra 'zine in its 3D paper modification. I want to provide bands/labels/zines with up-to-date reviews and information. This ain't possible to achieve through publishing the zine. It's years since the last Czech written issue of Terra Aegra was put out. Actually we released a Czech written infolist (ints with Devourment, Deaden, Inhumate, Fleshgrind/United Guttural + around 50 reviews) in 2000, but it does not cover everything it was supposed to.
The world wide web is definitely a way for us.
The printed issues, both Czech and English, will be released anyway, but the date is uncertain.

Here, you will mostly read the interviews that are destined for the Czech version and for internet only. The interviews for the English issue will see the light only on paper.

We run also a distribution. We prefer mainly trades. If you want us to carry your releases, just write! We are into death metal but enough creative, progressive state of metal/music is accepted!
As for the design, I made the pages myself and I welcome your comments on it. I mean if there's something wrong with it, what bothers you or you have problems with, drop me a line about it! We could make the site better then.

thank YOU for spending the time and reading this all [:once again, welcome to the oasis of slime:]